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2/7 2020.
Becca d'Avert 2469m, Cima Longhede 2416m

A bit north of Saint Vincent, in the  Aosta Valley, yyou can take a small road
towards Torgnon. I park the car at 1840m by a restaurant.
There are many flowers here. Flowers usually means butterflies, something I will see more of as I get higher.

First target, Becca d'Avert in the picture. The route goes via the pass Col FenÍtre,
to the righ here.
Just after the pass, now at 2200m.

From here some passages are a bit steeper. No problems going up though. A few shorter sections are secured by chains. But again, nothing too difficult.

To the north is Monte Rosa, with Breithorn 4164m in the middle. I've climbed that one twice, last time in 2014. The final steps to the summit.

The summit cross on Becca d'Avert 2469m. The picture is taken to the southeast, where the Aosta Valley reaches the Po Valley. From here you shouldn't miss going an extra 1,5km to Cima Longhede, well worth a visit. Here I'm halfway between the two summits.

Oh yes, butterflies! There are lots of swallowtails as I get higher. They seem to like it here, I count about 10. The city Aosta down in the valley, seen from the summit of Cima Longhede. Behind is the Mont Blanc-massif, although the actual summit is covered by clouds.

Going back, I choose a path at the side of Becca d'Avert, instead of passing over it once again. This path will swiftly lead down to the parking place (in the middle) and a good cuppoccino at the restaurant.
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson