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1/8 2020.
Städjan 1131m, Sweden

Städjan, seen from the road leading from Idre to Grängesåsvallen, where you
can park the car.
A small roadsign shows the parking place. From here it's only 3km and 450 altitude meters to the summit. This time I'm accompanied by Peter.

The path is easy to follow. After 175 altitude meters, at 850m, the forest ends
and everything opens up. 
Taking a brake at 900m, about halfway to the top. Actually, this is a first time for me. I have never climbed a higher peak in the Swedish mountain range before! Maybe it's about time then...

It gets a bit steeper on the final 200 altitude meters to the summit. Still, it's 
quite uncomplicated.
Reindeers meeting us at 1000m+.


Closeup on a reindeer. The final climb towards the summit.

We reach it after 1,5h. It's saturday, with beautiful weather, so we're not alone up here.  Idrefjäll 891m, With its ski slopes, just to the west of us. 

Zooming in Sølen 1755m, far into Norway and 70km to the west of us.
Unfortunately, the visibility could have been better today.
Straight to the south.

Going for a viewpoint to the south of the summit, before continuing the descent back to the car again. We need about one hour going down. 
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson