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6/7 2020.
Punta Indren 3275m - Rifugio Gnifetti 3647m

For the second time I start from the village Stafal. This time I use the cableways
to the eastern side of the valley. The final and larger cabin leads up to Punta
Indren, 3275m. This is the lower station.
From the upper station, you first pass the glacier to the rocks to the left in the picture. Punta Giordani is to the right of the picture, just follow the glacier uphill.

Soon at the rocks, where the climbing begins. I don't use my crampons here. At the transit to the rocks it's pretty steep, until you reach the ropes, at the top of this picture.

Looking back, about halfway up the rocks. The cableway station is visible high,
in the middle of the picture.
But I will climb on, to the next glacier.

Punta Giordani 4046m, close to the middle of the picture. You "just" follow the
glacier from the caleway station, some 750 altitude meters up. I climbed it solo
in  2013.
Here's my main target for this time, Piramide Vincent 4215m. Now I'm only going solo to the Gnifetti hut. Tomorrow a guide will join me and we will rope up to the summit.

Mont Blanc, 4810m, about 80km away. There is a short bit more to go. Pass the next glacier, this time with crampons.

Some more climbing up to the hut.  The Gnifetti hut is large and can take a lot of people overnight. The rooms are cold, but I have my own sleeping bag so I keep warm. And the views, well, we are on more than 3600m...

Zooming in the Rifugio Quintino Sella, which I climbed two days ago . Now, let me introduce Filippo! This grand alpine ibex is so fearless and often close to the hut, that the staff has given him a name.

Some views toward the evening. Here to the west. And here to the south, with Gran Paradiso 4061m in the middle
 All material: Copyright Mats Olsson