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M Ros 2286m
5/7 2020.

Today nothing goes as planned. It's sunday, and the mountain is full of people.
I'm on a small road above Champorcher, in a side valley to the Aosta Valley.
But I have to park the car a couple of km away from where I had first planned. 
So now I'm climbing, from around 1900m to more than 2200m, on a trail, without really knowing where it leads.

I pick up another trail, going towards the area I had first planned to go, on altitudes
between 2100m and 2280m.
Even if this feels a little improvised, it's really beautiful up here. I am a bit tired after my climb yesterday, and I will climb the Monte Rosa again tomorrow. So I don't want to overdo it today.

Arriving at a hut that's along my original plan of climbing. But it took a long time
and effort getting here, so I skip my originally planned peak. Well, I get a
cappuccino at the hut anyway.
I can't simply run around up here, I have to climb some peak. I choose an easy looking one close to my trail going back, a little to the left in this picture. 

At the summit, M Ros 2286m, about half an hour later. What you can see in the
air are two swallowtails. I could count up to six at the same time, flying around me!
Zooming in the Monte Rosa, far to the north. Tomorrow I will go there!
 All material: Copyright Mats Olsson