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3/7-4/7 2019.
Nimaling - Uatse Ri 5670m - Nimaling - Chogdo

3/7: Time to climb really high! I'm leaving Nimaling after breakfast, going for the
pass Kongmaru La.
I need about 1,5h to climb the 400 altitude meters up to the pass.

At Kongmaru La 5260m. This day provides a magnificent weather with crystal
clear air. Here is the route from the pass, up to the summit of Kongmaru Ri
Kang Yatse looks great from here. The main summit 6400m to the left and KY2 6170m to the right. Most people climb KY2.
At the summit of Kongmaru Ri. Actually, there are two summits. This is the first
and lower one, 5400m according to my altimeter. 
My route now continues to the second summit and then Uatse Ri, the broad ridge behind.

There are plenty of 6000m-peaks here. In the middle Dzo Jongo E 6210m,
 to the right Dzo Jongo W 6280m and Reponi Mallai Ri 6110m..
Here's a look back from the second summit, accordinng to my altimeter 5440m.

And the route forward, towards Uatse Ri.. As I'm getting higher, the Saaser Kangri peaks begin to appear. Impressive mountains, with Saaser 1 reaching 7672m.

Here are the peaks Nun and Kun towards the horizon, 7135m and 7077m. Just to the left of the middle, K2 should possibly be visible. It's 250km away, but precisely where the right position should be, there is a distant peak with the "right look" as it would from here! Hard to see though.
And here it is, Uatse Ri 5670m. I have given it a facelift with new prayer flags.
The old ones were worn out. I'm only staying up here for half an hour, since I do
feel the altitude. Going down is pretty fast, diagonaling directly towards Nimaling. 
4/7: First I had planned to stay in Nimaling for a few days more, but with the present snowconditions and with such a perfect day yesterday, I can't see how it can be any better than that. So, once again up and over Kongmaru La.
But this time I descend on the other side, where the mountains are deep violet
and red in color.
Now follows hour after hour of descent. More than 1200 altitude meters must be done. 
Most of the time I follow a french couple. And look at this, Blue Sheep! They entertain with their acrobatic skills
The first signs of human civilization since Nimaling, the campsite Chuskirmo. Time for two cups of milktea before going on. From here it's less than half an hour to the village Chogdo, new trekking point since the road now has been built up there. All 8 persons that left Nimaling in the morning  eventually gather here and are put into two taxicabs. I'm back in Leh a couple of hours later.
 All material: Copyright Mats Olsson