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1/7-2/7 2019.
- Nimaling - Kang Yatse Base Camp

1/7: It's morning in Lower Hankar. I've just started the tough climb from just below 4000m up to Nimaling Camp, 4840m. A short while later I pass Upper Hankar, with Kang Yatse 6400m ahead.

A while after Hankar the "river" splits, (now a small stream). I think it's fair to say
that Markha Valley ends here. The trail now passes a narrow gorge.
As we are getting higher, the landscape gradually opens up.

A milktea at the campsite Tachungtse  (4200m+) raises the spirit. This is the only outpost between Hankar and Nimaling. I don't know how many cups of milktea I
drank during this trek, but they were many.
After Tachungtse the climb gets pretty tough. Here is a look back to Markha Valley, that actually is down there.

About one hour later, now at 4600m+. Lunch at a lake with a view.. The marmots won't cooperate at all. As soon as I get my camera they dissapear into a hole. This one stopped for a short moment, luckily.

Better luck with the Pikas. Here's one sitting on buddhistic prayer stones. A Pika
is smaller than a normal rabbit.
After more than 6h of climbing, I reach Nimaling campsite together with a czech couple. There is homestay up here, but in tents.

2/7: At Nimaling Campsite (4840m) breakfast is served 07:00 and dinner 19:00.
In the tents there are plenty of blankets and I quickly learn to use them all. The air
is thin and I don't get much sleep on the first night.
Today is a restingday, I can still feel yesterdays climb in my legs. But I want to take a stroll over to Kang Yatse Basecamp, it only takes a couple of hours to get there. Up to the right is now the pass Kongmaru La 5260m. That's the normal way out of here. 

Dramatic views with clouds on Kang Yatse. Almost at BC, now visible in the valley. I wasn't sure what I would find here. Nobody has climbed any 6000.meter peak in the region yet, because of longlasting cold and unusually large amounts of snow.

BC at 5040m altitude. From here it's KY2, 6170m that you climb.The group that's here is the first one this year. They have climbed to BC2 a bit higher up, waiting
for the summit attempt in the next morning. I can only hope for their success.
Fairytale landscape from 5100m a bit past BC. This is looking north, where you can actually see parts of Markha Valley in the middle of the picture.
A cold winter, followed by a cold spring and a very cold beginning of the summer. Much more snow than usual. Fact is, the summer came here with me. These are the first real summer days here. I now realize that my primary target, Reponi Mallai Ri 6110m is out of reach for me. It's in the middle of this picture. This peak would have been a challange in good conditions. The fact that no one has climbed a 6000-er in Ladakh this year makes me reconcider, I won't get up there when it looks this way.
 All material: Copyright Mats Olsson