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28/6-30/6 2019.
Chilling - Sara - Markha - Hankar

28/6: Along the way from the town Leh in a taxi, the confluence between Zanskar River (brown water) and Indus is seen below. My route now continues into
Zanskar Valley. It's the road seen in the picture.
Just south of the villlage Chilling we reach a bridge over Zanskar River. From here Im on my own and start trekking.

After climbing some 100 altitude meters and reaching 3300m, the Markha
Valley opens up ahead. I had only two acklimating days in Leh, so I feel the climb...
Arriving in the village Skyu just in time for lunch. I find something to eat in a teatent before going on. Here I meat a french couple and we continue together, with the target Sara village.

The valley gets more beautiful after a while. Today there is a drivable road until
Skyu and it will be contIinued at least to Markha Village. This being said, if you
are thinking about trekking the Markha Valley, don't wait to long. It wont stay
as it is now.
Arriving in Sara (ca 3570m) after a long day. There are just two houses in the village and we stay by a very nice lady. Markha Valley trek is a very social story, you meet people from the whole world and not least the locals.We live in homestays, meaning a mattress in a room and some blankets, dinner, breakfast and a lunchpackage.The price is 1200INR (2019).

29/6: This day is a shorter trek than yesterday, good for my part. The landscape can be arid and desertlike. But then there are flowers and green again. This, together with the grand mountains around, makes the Markha Valley Trek a true nature experience.

A look forward as we get closer to the village Markha. And a look back, where you cas still see the sharp peaks of Zanskar Range.

Almost in Markha we can see Kang Yatse 6400m ahead for the first time. this is where we are heading. Even if Markha (3770m) is the main village of the valley it still consists of just some 20 households. Here I part with the french couple since they want to go further today. 
30/6: Leaving Markha after breakfast. Even this day I choose a shorter distance.
It gives me more time for acklimating and better legs for whats to come. 
The further into the valley, the stranger the landscape gets.
Here is the monastery outside of the village Umlung, built high up on a cliff. Arriving in the village Hankar at around 4000m, taking a brake at a teatent. As I said, The Markha Valley trek is a social story. Here are some czecks and an australian. 
 All material: Copyright Mats Olsson