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3/8 2019.
Store Nup 1661m, Store Nup SØ 1599m

Store Nup is accessible from road E134 up on Hardargervidda. To the right is
Store Nup SØ 1599m. To the left and behind, the main summit 1661m. I choose
to climb the fairly steep section between the two peaks.
This time a drive my Honda to Norway. Driving a motorcycle on the mountain roads is an experience in itself!.

Road E134 winding on to the west, at about 1000m altitude. It leads on to places
like Hardangerfjord and Odda.
A look up into the valley Nupsdalen.

As you get closer to the steeper part it looks a bit daunting  But the climb is pretty
Store Nup SØ has an impressive drop to the south, 400 altitude meters almost vertical.

There are cloudberrys up here, but they are not ripen yet.  Halfway up the 300 altitude meters steeper climb. As I said, it's ok going up here, but the hands are needed from time to time. My advice is not to be too hasty, be careful, especially going down. 

The viewpoint at Store Nup SØ has a larger cairn and a raised stone. The drop is just outside, really beatutiful!

Only about 100m from here is the high point 1599m, with another larger cairn. Continuing to the main summit just adds 120 altitude meters.

There is a smaller cairn on the main summit. It's advisable to go here as well.
Good views, and you see longer from here.
Looking to the south.
And here's a view to the west, with the glacier Folgefonna towards the horizon. Even further away and to the north, is the glacier Hardangerjøkulen.
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson