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Jochberg 1565m, Germany 23/3 2019

During a short visit in Munich get one day to spend in the Alps. After some
changes of plans I eventually find myself here. The peak Jochberg rises behind
the lake 
The parking places on 850m are full, but I can find a place for my car a bit further down. From 860m you enter the forest, with a clear and easy path to follow.

The higher I get the more snow there is. I have no snowshoes this time, and no spikes. But I meet paople going down with no equipment. Well, I guess it's okay then.. As I reach 1450m, it opens up and gets more beautiful. Many people up here, on this lovely saturday.

Jochberg is the last peak before the flatland to the north. Down there is the village Kochel and the lake Kochelsee. Just a short bit left to the summit now.

You follow the ridge the last bit. In the background, to the right is Herzogstand
1731m and Heimgarten 1788m. Down to the left is the lake Walchensee.
The summit cross of Jochberg 1565m.

Far away, in the middle is Zugspitze 2962m. Someone relaxing with a lovely view.
South of Walchensee, in the middle of the picture is Westliche Karwendelspitze 2385m. The town Mittenwald is over there. Benediktenwand 1801m, to the east.
 All material: Copyright Mats Olsson