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Haglebunatten 1278m, 2/1 2018

 Another one day trip to Norway. If you go from Grimsås, it's only reasonable to go
 to the first mountains in the south. This is Haglebunatten seen from the road.
  You can park the car at the camping, then follow the trail up to Haglebunatten.

  Clouds move in and put the landscape in shadow, for a while. Bergshammaren,
 1263m, rises on the other side of the valley Fagerfetdalen.
  However, better weather is moving in from the north west. Fagerfjellet 1255m is
  visible behind

  In the picture it seems as if we are almost at the summit. But it's about 70-80
  altitude meters up there. Easy to get fooled by a picture.
  At the lower summit of Haglebunatten, 1265m. This place provides the best
  views over Haglebu

  It's a bit windy up here...   Fagerfjellet is still in shadow, but there is sun on Hallingskarvet, far away at the

  We are now continuing, about 500m to the main summit.  Here is an orientation plate. Dante tries to identify the mountains at the horizon.

  A beautiful snow sculpture on the large summit cairn.   Now there is sunshine on Fagerfjellet in the foreground, while Hallingskarvet
  fades away in shadows and clouds. It's magical up here.

  Norefjell to the south east. You can also see the valley leading to Eggedal and
  further to Sigdal.
  I have been up here once before. Then it was summer but lousy weather. Today
  it's totally different, so beautiful. But windy and cold... 

 Gausta peak in the south west. It's in clouds to the right in this picture.
 A winter sun, with snow and frost, combined with very clear air, produces deep
 colors and contrast in all directions. Here's a look to the west. 

 Almost down again. The ski slopes in Haglebu can be seen on the other side of
 the valley.

 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson