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Rote Flüh 2108m
, Austria 1/7 2018

This is our last day before going home. Now we walk straight out of our flat in Nesselwängle and up towards Rote Flüh, here a bit to the left. Today my legs are tired. We have been climbing mountains 6 out of 7 days, But, we can rest tomorrow, on our way home.

We need a little more than one hour to climb the 520 altitude meters to
A bit higher the forest ends. You can see the path leading towrds Rote Fh, with the summit a bit to the left. To the right are the cliffs of Gimpel.

The climb of Gimpel means pure climbing with rope. Observe the climber in the middle of the picture. But we are getting an easier climb, even if the last 100 altitude meters are a "via ferrata".

But it's not very difficult. Suitable for anyone wanting to try some wired climbing
for the first time, I would say.
To begin with, there are plenty of wirers to secure the climb.

Higher up one has to manage without, even if it is a bit steep. Soon we reach the summit at 2108m.

Zooming in Gimpel 2173m. Even here a sharpeyed viewer can see a climber. To the right of Gimpel is Köllenspitze 2238m.

Tannheimer Tal with Haldensee. And what do we have here? Isn't it an Alpendohle?

These alpine jackdaws are alert, intelligent, good flyers and used to tourists.
"What do you mean? Should we eat out of your hand?".
"Okay then, your bread looks tasty."

"Shall we dance?" A look down towards Gimpelhaus, with Nesselwängle in the valley.
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson