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Spieser 1651m, Germany 28/6 2018 

Spieser isn't a high mountain. It's on the German side just outside Tannheimer
Tal, close to the alpine border. But it's a beatiful area and we choose it to
avoid incoming rain early in the day.
We park the car in Oberjoch (1140m) at 7 in the morning. Sören sets up a good pace towards the forest.

A view to the south as we rapidly gain altitude. We walk fast to do as much as we can, before the rain comes. It doesn't take long, before we can see the cross of Jochschrofen above. 

At Jochschrofen (about 1560m) after just 50min. We don't stay here for long, but press on towards Spieser (left) och Hirschberg

The reason for our hurry can be seen here. Just across the valley we can see low clouds and rain over Sorgschrofen/Zinken. But now it's not far to Spieser, the summit cross is up there.

Jochschrofen is behind us now. There's a descent of 50 altitude meters before
the climb to Spieser. It's easy walking all the way
At the summit of Spieser after 1h 10min. Normal time should be more than that.

Down there!. On our way down we pass the hut Hirschalpe at 1493m. We are able to take a diffent route back so it's a round trip, always an extra plus.
Beautiful views down to Bad Hindelang as we take the trail "Panoramaweg" 
back to Oberjoch. Just as we get back to the car the rain begins. Perfect
taiming, getting a good day in the mountains by starting early!
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson