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Kanzelwand 2058m (
Walsersteig), Austria 27/6 2018

YouTube clip

Today is resting day, since we have walked quite a bit in the last two days. Anyway, I take the cableway Kanzelwandbahn from Riezlem. This isn't physically demanding. The top station is at 1940m.

And Kanzelwand, in the middle of this picture, reaches 2058m. The normal route contains a lot of stairs and is quite easy. But this is what I came here for! The "Walsersteig" leading to the summit.

Now I can use my climbing equipment, nice! The Walsersteig is't very difficult (level C). Difference in altitude is less than 100m.

Approaching the wire bridge, really nice! After a longer passage where I have to hang backwards in the wire, my arms get pretty tired. After that it,s a vertical climb to the top.

I'm soon at the summit. Didn't take the time, but it should have been around
Some view from the summit.
Looking down from the summit, towards the wires at the bridge.
 All material: Copyright Mats Olsson