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Brauneck 1555m, Germany 14/2 2018

On this day, not much turns out as expected. I use the cableway Brauneck
Bergbahn and then a short climb to the summin of Brauneck 1555m. It's just a
few minutes climb up here and some do it without skis or snowshoes. 
It's definitly a beautiful peak, with views north to the flatlands and south to sharp alpine peaks. 

But my main target is further away. First I intend to do the seemingly steeper
climb to 
Stangeneck 1646m, in the middle of this picture. Then continue to Latschenkopf 1712m, here a bit to the left. In the background, to the left is Zugspitze.
I climb a smaller summit, where the path ends with a steep cliff. Must go back and find another route, to pass it further down. 

A look back to the passage a bit further down. This is really a bit too steep for snowshoes, but I pass with some care. I still don't know that there is worse to come.  A look back on the lower summit after passing.

After a really steep climb where I needed to kick my snowshoes deep into the
snow not to glide down, and two narrow ridges with steep slopes on both sides...
it now lookes like this ahead. Slowly, I start to realize why there are no ski- or snowshoe tracks here at all. Almost up to the flatter part now, but I turn around for safety reasons. It's very steep on both sides and I don't want to pass here. 

Back at Brauneck again a while later. Later on I realize that I wouldn't have had the time to climb Latchenkopf even if I could. The time it took back to the airport to catch the plane home was just what I needed. Well, what do you know... I got back home, and in one peace...
 All material: Copyright Mats Olsson