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Thoughts about life

Most people wonder about the meaning of life sometimes. There are those who concider themselves to have the answer and spend much energy convincing others that they are right. Just as there are political leaders, we also find religious ones who realized that logic and mental reason don't appeal to most people. They induce emotional reactions instead, capable of overshadowing the mental parts on lots of individuals. This can bring people to accept the most strange and unrealistic views.

People who never had any spiritual experiecies can't evaluate them, or understand the people who have them. Sometimes they try, from the world they can experience, to put a greater experience within their limited framework. The result is without meaning, no matter who they are or what education they have. This is a fundamental fact, important to understand if you have experiencies of your own.
People who get spiritual experiecies normally become very fascinated of them. There are training courses within the "new age" with the purpose of achieving experiencies. Even drugs can provide different kinds of experiencies, where others who never had anything simular sometimes show a total lack of understanding. This can be a double misery, where the drug addicts are confronted with ignorance. They might choose not to listen to good and welmeaning advice to stop taking the drugs.

In the same way, if you open up for experiencies before you are ready for them, you are doing things in the wrong order. It's like braking up a flower bud instead of letting it open up itself. Things will brake and there will be a compulsory time of recovery afterwards.

But, is it really possible to open up for these energies before you are ready for them? Doesn't the Universe handle this automatically? I have met people who strongly argue this is the case.

But I have also met others, lots of people who really got into trouble after experimenting too much within the "new age" or couldn't stay off the drugs. I have seen people with their energy system in such chaos that they were unable to continue living a normal life. Those who claim this is is without risks are simply ignorant. With their ingorance they can lead others into misery.

Do things in the right order, is my simple advice. Take care of yourself, physically as well as emotionally and mentally. Meditate if you want to, but as with everything else, do it without excesses. Try to be a better person, but do it with patience and allowance for yourself. A person who can see himself with faults and shortcomings, with a self-forgiving mind, but at the same time striving to get better, has reached true life wisdom.

The spiritual experincies will come when you are ready for them. Then everything comes naturally and by itself. Simple? Yes, why not? It's usually the ignorant who makes things complicated.

Many people get a symbolic guidance in their dreams. Study your dreams, there might be a lot to learn. Be prepared that most guidance is made by symbols that you will need to learn yourself. Otherwise, just live your life. That's why we are here. Recieve everything that happens to you as an experience for you to learn, good or bad. Then the evolution progresses as good and effective as possible.

 All material: Copyright Mats Olsson