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Mom and dad at dad's 80:th birthday, Dec -04.

My new home in Grimsås, October 2013

Scarce Swallowtail, Aosta Valley, on the way to the observatory in St. Barthelemy, july 2014

5/10 2017: An Admiral is searching for food at Isaberg. The first generation flies from North Africa to us in springtime. This is the second generation, born here. They don't survive our winter, but I´ve heard some of them go south when it gets colder.

5/10 2017: Walking on Isaberg, less than 10km from my home.

21/11 2017: The winter is approaching. The picture is taken between Grimsås and Hestra.

25/2 2018: Saltstraumen outside of Bodö in Norway. It should be the strongest tidal stream in the world, with up to 22knots.
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