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Västra Barfredhågna 1010m,

Östra Bafredhågna 1022m,
Grövelsjön, Sweden 22/5 2024

I take a trip to the north, while there is still some snow left on the mountains. The
area around  Grövelsjön is beautiful and I gladly return there. This time the target
is Lövåsen, where there is a large parking place at around 800m altitude. This is
just above that parking place.  
From here a trail leads to the lakes Fosksjöarna. Following it I soon reach the tree limit. In the background is Östra Barfredhågna.

But first I will climb Västra Barfredhågna, in the middle here. It's a bit further out.
The trail leads through a saddlpoint between the two peaks. From there you have
to go off track to the summits.  
There are reindeers up here, but they never get close. The mountains behind are on the Norwegian side. 

Almost at the saddlepoint between the two peaks, now above 900m. Here I leave
the trail and go for the summit. It's easy to walk here. 
It doesn't take long to climb the final altitude meters to the summit. But the views are spectacular! Here you can see Sølen 1755m on the Norwegian side. 

The summit cairn on Västra Barfredhågna, 1010m. This picture is to the 
northwest, towards Norway.
To the northeast is Storvättershågna 1204m, Dalarnas and Svealands highest summit. 

To the southeast, Nipfjället east of Idre Even though it's just 1,5km to the summit of Östra Barfredhågna, it takes about half an hour to get there. This whole trip is around 300 altitude meters and 7km to walk. It's an easy trek that almost anyone can do, and with good possibilities to combine differently..

The reward is great when you get up here. This snowcovered peak, far up north
and clearly higher, should be on the Norwegian side. To the right and closer, Fosksjökläpparna that I climbed last year.
Zooming in Sølen.
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson