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Stor-Närfjället 931m,

Sälen, Sweden 12/3 2024

Today I take advantage of the fine weather, visiting Sälen. Far into the valley   Tandådalen, where a road leads to Hundfjället, you can go in the other direction, towards Tandåbyn. There is a parking place along the road at 650m. From there
you can walk a few hundred meters to this turning area.  
The forest begins here and I put on my snowshoes. Just 30-40m into the forest you can join the trail, leading all the way to the summit. Just follow the red crosses...

The mountains in Sälen are accessible, for us coming from the south. Even if the
ski slopes are filled with people at this time, it's not difficult to find beautiful nature and silence.  
As I approach the 800m level, the forest starts opening up. Here is Hundfjället to the south.

Onwards and upwards. From about 800m altitude the slope is almost flat, easy
to walk. Hard snow makes it even easier.  
It's always a special feeling, reaching the tree limit. The landscape opens up and you can see the greatness of the mountains. The mountains in Sälen have that, even if the altitudes hare are somewhat limited. It's beautiful up here!


Hundfjället once again, now from a bit higher up.  As I approach the 900m level, there are only a few small trees, fighting to survive at this altitude. 

I have to say, they have a hard time up here. Zooming in Trysilfjället, to the west inside Norway. It's visible from the 900m level. 
At the summit, 931m after 2,5h. Even if the difference in altitude isn't that big, it's
a long way to walk. And I have been walking relaxed. Here's a look to the
northwest, into Norway.
After the summit I continue up north about one more km to get better views in that direction. Here is Fulufjället in the background to the right. The western side of it (left here) belongs to Norway, the right to Sweden. 
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson