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Hochtennspitze 2549m, Österrike 29/6 2023

This is my last day in the Alps for this time. And I have saved the best until last!
The dolomite cliffs of Kalkkögel near Innsbruck are increadibly beautiful! I use
the cableway from Axamer Lizum to Hoadlhaus. This is the fifth day in a row for
me, and my legs are tired. 
On top of everything else, the weather is perfect! I start the day in grand style, having a cappuccino in Hoadlhaus, before taking on the climb.

The trail first descends 80m, before starting the climb. Hochtennspitze is to the
left, with the green plateau Hochtennboden below. After passing that, the real
climb begins.
Well, I just had to take this picture! It's quite obvious, this is the path I should walk!

Even before Hochtennboden it's a bit steeper. Here is a father, connected to his
son with a rope. Good thinking! Still they didn't climb the steeper parts further up.
Looking back to Hoadlhaus. Mieminger Gebirge is in the background.

Arriving at Hochtennboden. From here, a sign warns from continuing, if you lack experience of steep climbs. This warning is legitimate.  And here the real climb begins, with about 150m left to the summit.

There are no ropes here, no wires. You have to manage without. .

Higher up, the trail winds in short serpentines. This is the trickiest part. It's easy
to slip on all the small stones here, especially on the descent. And again, nothing
to hold on to.
However, after a short while you reach the summit. The final section is easier. 

And there it is, Hochtennspitze 2549m. I needed about one hour getting up here.
It's a difficult peak, but the reward is great, coming up there. 
It's inceadibly beautiful in all directions! To the southeast is Serles 2717m, with Zillertaler Alpen behind. Stubaital can be seen below.

Straight to the south, Habicht 3277m. Further away and to the left, Pflerscher Tribulaun 3097m. To the southwest, Kalkkögel continues with a number of peaks, ending up with Schlicker Seespitze  2804m. It's like from a Fairytale, not real!

In the other direction, I think it's Marchreisenspitze 2620m. Now I'm going for a "Kalkkögeltour". My next target is Widdersberg 2327m, a bit to the left here. Further away and to the right is Saile 2404m, with the city Innsbruck below, in Inntal.
Back on lower altitude, it's easy to follow the trail towards the summit. From now
on, nothing is technically difficult. 
Just before the summit, I pass a group that seems to be involved in some kind of discussion.
A different work of art at the summit of Widdersberg, an "inverted cross".Looking back towards Hochtennspitze (left) the plateau.Hochtennboden (right) and the trail from there below. 
Time for the third and last summit, Schneiderspitze 2156m. Here it's in the midde, with Saile behind.At the summit, the only thing remaining is to descend another 600m to Axamer Lizum. That will take 45min or so. In total, I have climbed 500m+ and descended 1200m+. I needed 5h+ to do it all. A super ending of a super journey!
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson