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Gaiskogel 2820m, Austria 27/6 2023

Today I use the chairlift from Kühtai (2000m) up to 2400m In the other direction is the route to the summit. First you climb to the pass  Gaiskogelscharte, a bit to the right. Then onwards to the summit, to the left. The trail is marked as black, maybe not for beginners then. But still, not to difficult according to me.

As you get closer to the pass, the trail gets steeper.  At the pass, Gaiskogelscharte 2658m.  

The low clouds are a matter of concern. What about the summit, how will it be
up there? This picture is taken to the south.
Looking to the north is different, a lot better. You can see Kühtai and even towards Inntal.

Suddenly it becomes magical! The clouds to the south disperse, opening up a
hole and I can see this. Wow!
More magic, now on the final climb to the summit.

Here's a look back towards the pass. I just met a man going down. That's the
only person I will meet up here.
A bit further up is the summit. During this last section you will have to use the hands now and then. But it's no big issue.

At the summit. The clouds are just above. More "cloud magic", this time from the summit. 

And then some. After a while the clouds cover the summit completely, and I start
the descent for clear air. 
I skip the lift, going down all the way to Kühtai at 2000m. This way I pass Drei Seen Hütte, for a stop and a cappuccino.
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson