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Scharnitzkopf 2554m, Austria 26/6 2023

Today I park my car at the road pass Hahntennjoch, at 1900m. I start walking at
After 100 altitude meters, you can see where you are heading. 

A little more than one hour later, it gets considerably steeper. The real climb
starts here, with steel wires in the steeper sections. 
More wires, as I get closer to the pass Scharnitzsattel, 2441m.

A look down. Here are no wires, but you need to be careful here. Plenty of small stones to make it slippery. At the pass on 2441m. Just some 100m left to the summit now. But this part is tricky.

There are a number of sections, without any wires or other help. Be careful here.
This is the final climb to the summit.
The summit is quite small, a few persons can sit up here. To the southwest is  Muttekopf 2774m. 

Here is to the northwest. To the north, on the other side of the roadpass, is Falscher Kogel. I climbed that one in 2018, with Sören. 
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson