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Schneidspitze 2009m, Austria 25/6 2023

This is the upper station of Hahnenkammbahn from Reutte. (There are more than one Hahnenkamm in Austria.) This area is part of the Nördlicher Kalkalpen, very beautiful mountains.  After a short walk, Schneidspitze is visible ahead. Here it's to the right. A good way to get there is to cross over Die Ditzl, here in front of Schneidspitze.

Arriving at the foot of Die Ditzl. It's no more than 100 altitude meters up there,
doesn't take long to climb. 
The paragliders have found a thermal and gather like mosqitoes, to gain altitude. 

From the summit of Die Ditzl 1817m, you descend 60m to the pass Hochjoch,
at the bottom of this picture.
The sign at Hochjoch says that the path to the summit is black. Maybe not for beginners then, but there are no wirers anywhere. A bit steep though. 

Looking back to Die Ditz during the climb. The final climb to the summit.

Nice views down to Tannheimer Tal from the summit. To the north is Gehrenspitze 2163m. Behind it the German flatlands. 

To the east is Reutte down in the valley. Far away you can see Zugspitze 2962m. It's easy to find a new friend up here. You will be most successful if you have a piece of bread. 

I decide to take a different route going down. I want to try the ridge, leading to the pass Sabachjoch. The pass is just below the middle in this picture.  This ridge should be avoided if you can get vertigo. 
Looking back to Schneidspitze from the ridge. During this passage, along the cliff wall, there are lots of grips for hands and feet. But you should be careful and in focus. 
Going back again, I take the route passing Lechaschauer Alm. I would say that their cappuccino is quite tasty. 
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson