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Nipfjället 1180m, Lillnipen 1120m
, Idre 23/9 2023

A look towards Städjan, along the road to the summer parking. I have been here once before. Now I can see the area in autumn colors.  The parking, at 1000m altitude, is a beautiful place in itself. I arrive at 16:00, having left Grimsås in the morning.

These extreme autumn colors only exist during a short time.  Now we are lucky enough to get a couple of nice days, so I grab the opportunity to go up here. 

Up at Lillnipen, 100m+ above the parking. The trail up here is easy to walk and
used by many.
But I continue to the north, climbing higher to P1180m. Here you can see the highest peak at Nipfjället, ex. Molnet 1193m. 


Moving on to the north, I get good visibility in that direction at P1175m, now 2km
from the starting point. 
To the northwest you can see the area around Grövelsjön. 

More to the west, I think it's Sølen that reaches up into the clouds, in Norway.  The visibility is very good today, I can probably see at least 100km. Closest is Slagebäckstöten 1106m. Further away, Norway to the left, Sweden to the right. 
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson