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1263m, Norway 17/6 2023

This time I take my mc to Haglebu in Norway. My target is Bergshammaren,
that I have climbed once before. Then it was in snow and from the flatter, northern side. Now I will climb from the south, up the "shelf" leading from right to left in this picture. This is a steeper, more spectacular climb. 
The camera doesn't show that it's quite steep here. The southern, lower summit is to the left while the main summit is to the right. 

For a while, the path goes close to the vertical cliffs, down towards Haglebu,
giving really nice views!
Just above 1000m, at the tree limit, you can begin to see parts of Norefjell to the southeast. 

The steep cliffs to the main summit are to the right,  but first I will pass the lower, southern summit, 1212m. 


I don't stay here for long, but descend 45 altitude meters... and pass the lake Nilsetjenn.

A short while after the lake there is free view to the west. Here are the lakes
Nordre and Søre Økteren
The path turns 180 degrees here. Now you can access the higher "shelf", going back towards the main summit. 

Soon it's visible straight ahead. At the main summit after 1,5h. Haglebunatten 1278m is in the middle, with the village Haglebu down to the left. 

Here's the lake Nilsetjenn from the summit. The view of Haglebu is spectacular from here. Take note of the man standing on the snowfield. It turns out to be a nice Norwegian guy. We get a talk as I meet him on my way down. 

The visibility is rather poor today. But I can still see Hallingskarvet to the
northwest, 70km away and reaching more than 1900m. 
Even harder to see but visible, The Gausta Peak 1883m, 65km to the southwest.
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson