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1112m, Båthusberget 1092m, Norway 9/6 2023

This parking place is along the road from Grövelsjön in Sweden to Elgå in
Norway. It's the starting point of the trail leading to Djupsj
øberget and
The ascent is a bit to the right and the descent to the left. First you pass a few lakes, very beautiful. 

The trail is easy to follow, even if you need to know the map. (There is one at the parking place.) After this bridge you take to the right.  After half an hour the real climb begins. 

A short brake at 1000m. From here you can see the third largest lake in Norway, Femunden, to the west. West of Femunden there are a number of peaks, reaching 1500-1600m.

A small mountain lake at 1060m. In the backgrount is Sølen (The Queen) 1755m. Final climb to the summit. I go around the snow field, because the snow is rather soft. 

The summit cairn at Djupsjøberget 1112m. I needed 1,5h getting up here To the southeast, far into Sweden, is the summit of Städjan. It's in the middle here. 
To the north and much closer, Elgåhogna 1460m.To the west of the small lake is the western summit of Djupsjøberget 1099m. Behind you can see more of the lake Femunden.
I believe it's the 2000m-peaks in Rondane you can see here, far to the west.
Its more than 100km there...
Time to move on to Båthusberget. Easy to follow the trail all the time. 
Arriving at the summit of Båthusberget, a short while later. Far below, to the right in this picture, is the trail that finally leads back to the car.
A while later, at that trail, I make a close encounter with some reindeers. Now my
day is perfect! I reach my car after a bit more than 3h. 
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson