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Näsfjället 905m, Sweden 8/6 2023

This is Näsfjället, seen from the road between Sälen and Särna, just south of
Sörsjön. Located between the Sälen mountains and Fulufjället makes it
interesting in my book.
Lots of cabins at the parking area on 660m, but no person anywhere.The ski resort went bankrupt a while ago, unfortunately. 

On the 800m-level there is some snow. at the northern slope. Further up, on the plateau, it has melted away.  Straight north at 850m you can see Nipfjället and Städjan in the middle, at Idre. Closer and to the left are parts of Fulufjället. 

It's easy to navigate here. Just continue upwards as long as you can and there
is the summit! Also, most of the way, you can follow this clearly marked trail. 
I reach the summit cairn in 55min (without pushing it) The biggest challenge, getting here, was the very dusty, 10km gravel road by car. Fulufjället is in the background. 

In the other direction, to the south, are the Sälen mountains. Here are the ski
slopes at Stöten. This is a nice place, worth a visit. Perfect for a short walk
when you have been driving all day like I have. 
The visibility is good today. To the west is Trysilfjellet, in Norway. I return to my car after 2h, without any stress. Time to move on up north to Idre, prepairing for tomorrows trek. 
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson