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Östfjället ca 860m, Köarskärsfjället 876m, Sälen 19/4 2023

Sälen is a perfect target for me, if I want a one day trip. I get perfect weather conditions, with the snow still there. I was in this area last autumn, but it looks
totally different now.
In Sälen there are no big challenges. Small differencies in altitude, without steep slopes, makes it easy to hike here. But all mountains have their own special beauty, also these ones. I just want to breathe mountain air and see the hills, whle they are still covered with snow. Also, I can use my snowshoes.

It takes one hour to reach high point of Östfjället. Here's a look to the northeast.  To the west are the skislopes of Västra Kalven. 

Now I move to the east, to Köarskärsfjället, a few meters higher than Östfjället.
As mentioned, all mountains have their own beauty. And that's what we should
be looking for. It gives life energy...
All the time up here I'm alone, no one to be seen anywhere. Here's looking to the southeast from high point of Köarskärsfjället.

And to the north. In the middle, far away, are the mountains around Idre.  From this point it's also possible to see Trysilfjället, in Norway.

Moving a bit further to the east, Fulufjället is visible to the north.  The wind shelter doesn't look inviting. But, thank's to the deep snow, I can sit on the roof at the backside. Time for some snacks.
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson