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Köarskärsfjället 876m, Källfjället 902m, Sweden 12/11 2022

With a positive weather forecast, it's no big deal to take my car and go up to
Sälen (6h by car). At my home in Grimsås it's raining... I park at the mountain
lodge, at 750m altitude.
For the first 2,5km, up to a wind shelter, there is tarmac on the trail. The idea is, that those who come on a wheelchair should be able to go here and experience the mountain area. Good thinking!

I don't follow the main trail that long, but take a more easterly path, that leads up
to the highest point of Köarskärsfjället.  
Far to the west, in Norway, is Trysilfjället.

My original plan was to come here in september, to experience the beautiful
autumn colors on the mountain. But there never came a good opportunity.
Now I can see deep, strong brownred colors. The sunshine inreases the
contrasts. It's almost magical!
A few small cairns mark the high point of Köarsärsfjället.

After returning to the main trail again, now without tarmac, I descend toward the shelter Östfjällsstugan. On the horizon is Nipfjället and Städjan, close to Idre. Arriving at Östfjällsstugan, 4km north of the starting point. 

From Östfjällsstugan there is a trail, about 1km to the west, leading to this point.
From here I take to the north again, towards Källfjället summit. 
Ascending towards Källfjället. The trails are easy to walk and navigate. My map, in my backpack, stayed there. I never needed it. 

At the summit cairn of Källfjället 902m. In the background, to the north, is
Hundfjället can be seen behind Västra Kalven. To the left is Östra Kalven, that Nelli and I climbed in the last winter, with snowshoes.

On my way down, I can see the trail leading back south again.  You can follow this trail back to the main road, about one km from the starting point. Instead of that, I follow it for a while and then use a small path to get back to the main trail that I started from. This proves to be a slightly more wet story. Well, no big problem if you have GoreTex boots. My feet stayed dry. 
One last look back towards Källfjället.
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson