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16/7 2022
Drotninggutunatten1234m, Holmevassnatten 1258m, Norway

It's time to go home today. The original plan, to climb a peak at Hemsedal first
has to be abandoned, due to rain and low clouds. Time for plan B. We stop at
the Norefjell area, parking the car at 920m altitude. 
It doesn't take long to reach above the tree limit. Holmevassnatten and Drotninggutunatten are to the left.

There are two paths to the summit of Drotninggutunatten. We choose the shorter
one, a little steeper but more fun. 
Almost up.

The summit cairn of Drotninggutunatten, 1233m. Easy to reach but in a beautiful area. Plan B proves to be a good choice. Here are some of the highest peaks in the Norefjell area. Ranten 1419m in the middle, with Høgevard 1460m to the right.

The village Haglebu and the peak Haglebunatten in the middle. We are moving on, a km up to Holmevassnatten, a few meters higher.


Here's a look back to Drotninggutunatten, a little to the left. The summit of Holmevassnatten reaches 1258m. This small difference...

Makes us see Hallingskarvet far in the northwest, behind Haglebunatten. And I suspect it's Jotunheimen, visible far in the north.
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson