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16/7 2022
Horntind 1454m, Norway

Today we go to lake Tyin at about 1100m, our starting point. The initial climb is easy. Besides, we get pleasant company.

The path levels out at around 1200m. From here Horntind is visible, somewhat
to the right in this picture.
A km further ahead you go to the right. The path is clearly visible here as well.

This steep gorge splits Horntind to the left, from Kvannegrøberget to the right. Another km ahead the real climb towards the summit begins. The lake Øyangen can be seen below.

A short brake in lee from the wind. No more than 75 altitude meters to the summit now. The final climb is a bit steeper, but still without any real difficulties. 


At the summit cairn with the valley towards Vang in the southeast. It's a really impressive view from here! Zoomning in the valley.

Here's to the southwest. Tyinkrysset can be seen below. And to the northeast, parts of Jotunheimen. 
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson