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24/6 2022
Toreskyrkja 1392m, Norway

Beautiful weather in Norway today! I take a trip to Rjukan and park my car at
1150m altitude, close to the lake Heddersvatn.
The trail follows the lake Heddersvatn for a short bit ....

And then climbs to the next lake at around 1200m.All the time in the presence of the mighty Gausta Peak, 1883m, just a few km to the west.

Having passed two more lakes (I pass seven in total on my way to the summit,
nice!) It's easy to follow the trail, even if it's a good idea to memorize the map before coming here. (as I always do)
Now at 1300m, close to the summit. Store Gaustakne 1526m in the backgrond to the right. 

As I climb "off track" to the main summit, I can see the lower southeast peak.
It's more spectacular and therefore the most visited. Well, I'm going for both....
A small cairn marks the main summit of Toreskyrkja 1392m. I improved it a little...


Far away, at the horizon, Hardangerjökulen. And Hallingskarvet.

The SE- summit of Toreskyrkja, a short while later. And why is this summit more spectakular? Here's the reason. A sharp drop to the SE, with the lake Djupetnn below. Really nice!

On the way back I leave the trail and once more, go off track to a unnamed
peak, 1363m.
This is a detour, but now I get my third peak and it's nice up here as well!
From here I can descend to the south, reaching the trail between the car park and Heddersfjell. A good ending of a fine day!
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson