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28/5 2022
Hesteleinnatten 1177m, Haglebunatten 1278m, Norway

A one day trip to Norway and Haglebu. This day in company with Elisabeth
and Charlotte. We park the car a few kilometers into the payroad from Haglebu
to Numedalen, på 930m. The trail leads along a "shelf" leading up the steep
cliffs in the picture.
Phototime already? Why not, it's nice up here, a bit up on the shelf. The path is aesy to follow with no special difficulties. 

Above the tree limit, around 1100m. It doesn't take long to get here.
Hesteleinnatten is straight ahead.
Phototime again! Now at more than 1100m with Haglebunatten in the background.

A small summit cairn at the top of Hesteleinnatten. It's a nice peak, worth visiting.  Stornatten 1211m to the left.


Far away in the west we can see the peak of Gaustatoppen, 1883m, just above
the horizon. 
After a while we move on, going for Haglebunatten 3km to the northeast. I have been there before, but never climbed it from this side. It's nice up here with all small mountin lakes. 
Reaching the lower summit of Haglebunatten, 1265m, about one hour later.
Haglebu can be seen below.
From here it's a short walk to the main summit, just 500m away.
Hallingskarvet, more than 1900m high, far to the northwest.
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson