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Höferspitze 2131m, Seekopf 2039m, Austria 4/8 2022

Last day in the alps for this time. I go to Vorarlberg, a place I have not been
to before. I stop at Hochtannbergpass, 1676m.
As I climb, I ask myself why I never went here before. The mountains aren't the highest, but the beauty is second to none. And besides, it's greener on lower altitudes...

Großer Widderstein, 2533m, is close by. It's a steep climb up there, time
consuming. It will stay on my to do-list until another time...
While I ascend, I look in the other direction. Widdersteinhütte is visible over there. I could prolong my time up here a bit, by walking over there afterwards. And maybe they have a cappuccino over there...

As I'm reaching the 2000m level, the real fun begins. Here you follow a ridge, up and down, up and down. The summit is visible to the right. 

The views are magnificent in both directions. But, if you suffer from vertigo,
maybe you should not go here. Some passages are narrow. 
At the summit cross on 2133m, with Großer Widderstein in the background.

Looking back at the long ridge, from the summit. The view are spectacular in all directions. Here's a look to the west. 

On my way back, I go off track, down to Hochalppass 1938m. From there I can
join the path leading towards the hut. 
Some local animal life.

Here's a look back, from the summit of Seekopf, 2039m. Höferspitze is up to
the right, with the ridge leading to the left. Hochalppass is just below the middle
of the picture.
A short while later, arriving at the hut for a cappuccino, saving the day!
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson