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Rötlspitze 3026m, Korspitze 2933m, Italy 3/8 2022

Today I go to the Stelvio pass, 2758m, in Italy. The journey with car is an
experience in itself! This is the final section of the climb from Valle Venosta.
I ascend on this side, but descent through Switzerland.
The pass is usually full of people. I take my time for a cappuccino, before starting the climb. 

About one hundred altitude meters higher the main target, Rötlspitze, is visible
straight ahead. 
The ruins are a reminder of world war one. 

At the saddle point Sella da Piz Cotschen at 2925m. Just 100 a.m. left to the
summit from here. 
It's on this final climb you get the real, high alpine feeling. This is an impressing area!

On a few places you may use your hands. But most people should be able to
climb this peak. 
The summit cairn of Rötlspitze, 3026m. It takes a little more than one hour to get here, with little effort. 

Weißkugel 3739m far away in the middle, at the border between Italy and Austria. Piz Umbrail 3033m closest in this picture. I climbed that one in 2010.

I move on to Korspitze, the green peak almost in the middle. That means 3
more km and 100 alitude meters. But I don't want to go down yet. It's so lovely
up here!
Along the ridge between the two summits. All the time with a magnificent view of the Ortler area. 

Yes Ortler, I saved the best one to last. This mighty peak, 3905m, dominates the view wherever you are up here. The steep wall you can see here is more than 2000 altitude meters. The picture can only imply, this must bee seen in real life! At Korspitze 2933m. While many climb Rötlspitze, not many come here. I'm all alone during my time here. 
A finel zooming in of Ortler. Actually, Korspitze gives the best view of it.
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson