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19/2 2022
Skurufjellet 1044m, Trysil, Norway

Today we go from Sälen, Sweden to Trysil, Norway.There is a carpark at 910m,
at a really beautiful spot.
The snow is more firm than yesterday. Easier walking with the snowshoes.

This is a short and easy walk. You soon reach the tree limit. Shortly after, the summit is straigt ahead.

This is more of a "real" mountain than the hills in Sälen, where we were yesterday.
The weather is just perfect!
The sign is a bit difficult to read. But there is no need for signs here..


Nelli is taking in the view from the summit.. Skurufjellets official altitude is 1044m. The summit is just west of the main summit of Trysilfjellet.
Looking southMain summit of Trysilfjället to the left, 1132m.
And here is looking to the north, towards the area where we are going tomorrow. 
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson