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18/2 2022
Östra Kalven 902
m, Sälen, Sweden

Arriving at the starting point att 15:00, after going by car since the morning.
Nothing to wait for, it's soon getting dark. The snow is soft as you can see. 
We still make good progress with our snowshoes and soon reach the tree limit.

A flat climb from here to the summit 902m. Now we can also see the evening sun. Nelli arriving at the summit. It's the first time with snoshoes for her. No problems.

Hundfjället 925m is in the west. Here in the middle of the picture. Looking east, to Storfjället 924m.


Further away, to the northwest and into Norway is Trysilfjället 1132m. Time to go down again now, it's soon getting dark
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson