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Pockkogel 2807m, Austria 2/8 2022

Morning beauty, when the moist from thunderstorms in the night form lower
clouds. This picture is taken along the road from Oetz to Kühtai.
After parking my car in Kühtai, I use the chairlift up to around 2400m. 

Nice company up here. Plenty of the kind of sheep, that are typical for this area.   And horses, really!

After 1,5km I have descended to 2300m, at the dam Speicher Finstertal. You have to walk a bit along the lake, before starting the real climb. Here it's time for a brake at almost 2600m.

A bit higher, at the saddlepoint Steintalsattel. The official altitude is 2741m, but
my altimeter shows more like around 2670m.
Well, at the summit my altimeter agrees with the official figures. Most of the climb is failry steep. But from the saddlepoint it gets steeper. The hands are needed as a support, from time to time. There is a steel wire at the final climb to the summit.

The summit is small, there can't be to many up here at the same time.  A view back towards Kühtai. Lots of ski slopes down there. 

The lake, Speicher Finstertal has the most beautiful turquoise color. To the left,
behind the lake is Sulzkogel 3016m. I climbed that one in 
Zooming in Gaiskogel 2820m, 1,5km to the northeast. Two persons are standing up there. 
Magical with the clouds and the mountains, to the south.  Finally, looking to the nothwest, Lechtaler alps far up there. 
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson