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4/7 2021.
Helagsfjället 1797m.

After a good breakfast, I leave the Helag Mountain Lodge at 08:00. The normal trail to the summit is on the left side, but you can use the right side as well. I will go that way down.

A little closer and a little higher.  Looking back, from about 1300m.

After almost 2h I approach a lower summit. At the lower summit, 1700m. We can see Norway in the background.


The final push towards the summit. At the summit, 1797m. after 2h 15min.

Sylarna to the left in the background. The lower summit in the middle, the glacier below.

Predikstolen 1692m, to the southwest. The lake Sylsjön and behind it Norway.

A bunch of reindeers are walking on the glacier. Someone suggested that they
need to cool off. Well, why not? It's a warm day, what other reason to be there?
Descending on the other side of the summit. I reach the lodge after 1h 45min. After that a good lunch, recharge of my batteries and enter the 3h long walk back to the car park.
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson