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3/7 2021.
Trek Kläppen - Helags Fjällstation

The parking place at Kläppen is 6km from the village Ljungdalen, at about
830m altitude.
Just a few hundred meters into the road this sign appears, Helag to the right. Don't go in there (I did). If you study the sign better you can see that it's for skiers and snow scooters. Well well...

I'll just translate the sign: Slow down, playing retirees.. After passing some houses in Kesovallen and walking for more than one hour, the path begins climbing a little bit more. The tree limit is close now.  

A short while later you enter the open mountain area. It's beautiful up here. All the time, Helagsfjället is in front of you. Helagsfjället is an impressive mountain, with high drops. Here we also find the most southerly glacier in Sweden. 


Not far to the lodge now. Sylarna, here in the background, are also impressive mountains.  Arriving at Helags Mountain Lodge, 1043m, after 3h. Here is a cafe, restaurant and rooms for staying overnight. I could sleep alone in a four bed room. Best to book in advance, though.
I would like to give the staff credit for handling everything in the best way, always
with a smile. And the food was very good...  
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson