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24/6 2021.
Molnet 1191m, Idre, Sweden

A look at the final road, leading to the summer parking place at Nipjället. Some stratus clouds still remains at lower altitudes, while cumuli are starting to form
higher up. This will be a fine day.
The parking place is just above 1000m, a perfect starting point to Nipfjället, seen to the left here. There aren't many others up here now, at 9:00.

There are several trails leading to Molnet. I choose the "main path", to the right in
this picture. Initially it descends 50 altitude meters. Then you can go left, climbing
the hills in the middle of this picture.  
In the backgrund you can see mountains in Härjedalen. Hovärken 1125m in the middle, at Lofsdalen.

To the south is Städjan 1131m. It's always spectacular, from all angles.  Now I have started the climb towards the summit plateau, from 950m to 1130m. It's simple climbing and doesn't take long. 


After that you will soon see the top marking of Molnet. I won't translate my
rambling over the changing of the name from Molnet to Mulen, just stating that
I continue to use the old name...
At the summit of Molnet 1191m, the highest point of Nipfjället. In the background is Hovärken at Lofsdalen in the middle. To the left is Sånfjället. 

Zooming in Sånfjället 1278m. To the right you can see the ski slopes at Lofsdalen. Now I continue 1km over the plateau, to P1180m. The cairn is visible in the middle of this picture.
A small lake between the summits. The picture is taken to the northwest.  At P1180m. Molnet is visible in the background.
From P1180m it's a pretty simple descent to Lillnipen, a viewpoint at 1120m, just above the car parking. It's always nice to plan a route so that you don't go back
the same way.  
Arriving at Lillnipen, with the car park about 100 altitude meters below. Some people settle for this peak, a bit of a pity I think. It´s simple walking up here, with limited hights to climb. But still it's "real" mountains with beautiful surroundings, well worth some extra time. 
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson