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23/6 2021.
Storfjället 924m
, Sälen, Sweden

This is a "minitrip" to the mountains, waiting for the weather to improve further
to the north and on higher levels. I choose to maximize the trip with just one
overnight, going for a smaller mountain on my first day. I park my car at 15:30,
so this needs to be a shorter walk.
A simple climb up the skislope, around 160 altitude meters, to the western summit 890m. The main purpose of this trek is to simply be in the hills, breathing mountain air. Nothing ambitious.

Zooming in Hundfjället 925m, with the summit cairn visibli in the middle of the
picture. I sat up there on the 1/5 this year. The hills were covered with snow then
and I used my snowshoes. 
The main summit is 1,5km to the east, also easy walking. The wetter areas are bridged over.

Two mountain lakes between the summits, with Norway in the background. At the main summit, 924m, Time to climb and walk 3km up here was 45min = simple walking + reasonable fitness.


To the west, Hundfjället to the left and Kalven to the right. In between, in the background, is Trysilfjellen, Norway.
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson