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1/5 2021.
Hundfjället 925m
, Sälen, Sweden

Time for a trip to the north again. My choice is Sälen to fit the weather on
saturday. The peak will be Hundfjället. Here are the skislopes from 625m and
the top cabin, 200 altitude meters above. 
From 750m, Trysilfjellen in Norway are clearly visible. They are 45km to the northeast, reaching 1132m

I reach the top cabin at 825m, after 30min. This is a slow walk, no stress today.
There are no people here, the ski season is over and all lifts are closed.
From the top cabin it´s another 2km with gentle climb to the summit cairn. The official altitude is 925m. I find it a little odd, my altitude meter shows 20-30m higher. Well, they should have measured this one properly I guess... 1h 15min to get up here. 

The weather is worse to the north, with some snow. It shows I have made the
right choice coming here. I stay half an hour at the summit, enjoying the sun and the views. Nobody else is up here. 
This area has the most southerly "real mountains" in Sweden (reaching above the treeline). I haven't been up here before and was a bit uncertain. Would they be good enough? But it's a beautiful area, well worth a visit. The mountains are uncomplicated to climb and trek.


A view to the south.. On the way back to the ski lifts. Here are the ski slopes on Västra Kalven.

Back at the parking place again. I descended the steep slope in this picture, making my snowshoes show what they can do. The steel crampons made a good job and there was no slipping.
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson