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16/2 2021.
Jakobshöjden 1103m,  Blåkläppen 1022m, Grövelsjön, Sweden

This time I start from Grövelsjöns mountain lodge. At about 850m in norhern
Dalarna, close to the border of Norway in the west.
Shortly after start, at the tree limit on 900m. The morning sun shines on Sølen 1755m, almost 50km west inside Norway.

Now above 1000m, The sun has reached the closer peaks, still in Norway.
St. Lifjellet, Salshögda and Salsfjellet all reach over1200m.
And here's the summit of Jakobsberget. It's fairly flat and the snow is pretty hard. Easy to walk with snowshoes. 

Impressive snow formations at the summit, 1103m. I needed less than one hour
up here. While I can see the beauty of all the white up here, I cant help
wondering about the mast. What wavelengths? What effect?
Well, I'm here to enjoy the views. Looking to the south there is a flat high mountain area. My original plat was to go up here and then back down again. Now I change my mind and decide to go a bit to the south first. This is lovely!

The summit cairn is, in my view, nicer to look at than the mobile mast. 36km to the southeast is the characteristic peak of Städjan. Peter
and I climbed that one in August last summer. It was warmer then...

Closer than that, just 6km to the east is Storvättershågna 1204m. It's the highest
peak on the Swedish side, so far to the south.
I need just below one hour going south to Blåkläppen summit 1022m. The weather is rapidly changing now, increased winds and lower clouds moving in. I cant see Jakobshöjden any more, it's covered with clouds. There's no point in staying too long up here so I start my descent. But I also realize how lucky I was with the weather, As I reach the lodge, some 30 minutes later, it's all cloudy. No peaks to be seen anywhere. 
 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson