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8/7-10/7 2019.
- Ganda La base Camp - Ganda La - Lamik La - Ganda La base Camp - Rumbak

8/7: They are building a road up to Rumbak now. The first hour up from Drop off
point (3500m) isn't so pleasant. It's when you get close to the teatent in Rumbak (3850m) it starts getting nicer. 
An additional hour+ up the trail, at the village Yurutse. This is a really small village (one house) at 4150m. Here is a homestay if you want it.

But I continue, about one more hour up to the Ganda La base Camp 4350m.
Even here is a homestay, but up here you are offered a place in a tent.
9/7: The climb from BC up to the pass is demanding. I imagined I would be strong, as well as acklimatized now, but my legs feel heavy.

Well, the marmots don't mind being photographed, that's nice. I pair up with a french gentleman, 70 years of age...

The pass Ganda La 4970m. I was here once before, but this time the weather is better. And here comes company, hundreds of goats and there herders!

This time a move up higher, along the ridges leading NW from Ganda La.
About one hour later a have the next pass ahead of me.
Loooking to the south, sharp peaks of the Himalayan range as far as I can see.

And here 's to the north from the pass Lamik La 5110m. I had planned to go
further and higher than this, but now my legs say it's enough. I have to call it a
day here. 
On my way back I encounter a larger animal. It's no more than 50m away, but I only see the back of it for some second, before it vanishes over a crest. After discussing exactly what I saw with a woman at the Rumbak teatent the next day, we concluded that it must have been a lynx. Nice!
 All material: Copyright Mats Olsson