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Austabotntind V1 2100m
, Norway 15/7 2018
Austabotnttind V2 2020m

This whole region is very beautiful. To take the road from the lake Tyin, down to
Ívre ┼rdal, at the inner end of Sognefjord, is an experience in itself
From Ívre ┼rdal you drive the very narrow road Tindevegen up into the heart of Jotunheimen. I park just in front of the toll station. The peaks are visible in the background.

Dramatic view with the clouds above the peaks. Store Austabotntind 2203m in
the middle. Going to the left, V1 2100m and V2 2020m
First I climb Berdalsbandet and further along a ridge towards the main ridge, leading to the summits.

At about 1800m you reach the main ridge and it opens up to the north. A couple
of hundred meters below is the glacier Berdalsbreen. Behind it is Soleibotntind 2083m
Store Ringstind 2124m, in the middle. Behind and a little to the left is Store Skagast°lstind 2402m., the third highest peak in Norway.

From here the route seems almost brutal. And it will be more demanding than
I had anticipated, with tougher scrambling.
Berdalsbreen seen from the first summit, Austabotntind V2. I didn't expect any real difficulties to get here, but there were sections where you needed real grip with the hands to climb, not just support. 

Vertical drop to the glacier lake far below. The route towards V1 passes a snow couloir.

Passing a ridge first. As in all climbing sections it's important to be calm and follow the cairns that are there. If you miss the trail, it can get really wrong. Don't go on a dangerous route, follow the trail. The passage is on the snow, on the upper, flatter part.

At the summit V1, after some additional climbing with the hands. I had to turn around several times, after loosing my way and it got too steep. Store Austabotntind is the next peak, but you will need climbing equipment for that one. Behind the summit cairn there is a drop to Berdalsbreen. Huge crevasses in the glacier.

Zooming in to the west, and parts of the mighty glacier Jostedalsbreen. Picture time on the main summit. A happy climber gets a summit picture.

Zooming in Store Skagast°lstind.
 All material: Copyright ęMats Olsson