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Riedberger Horn 1787m, Germany 13/2 2018

With a weather forecast promising two days of sunshine in the alps I book a ticket
to Munich and drive from there to the mountains in the evening of the12/2. Now
I,m at Riedberger Pass, on the 13/2. I start from the ski resort at 1420m
The ski resort, seen from a bit up on one of the ski slopes. This is not a big resort, but quite a lot of people anyway. 

As I approach 1600m I leave the ski slopes. From here you can follow the ridge, here to the left, all the way to the summit.

100 altitude meters to the summit now. Many people visit here, you can see all
the tracks.
The final part to the summit. Beautiful? Well, yes...

The summit cross on Riedberger Horn 1787m. On such a nice day you can't expect to be alone up here. It seems about half of the guys have skis, the others have snowshoes.  Well, snowshoes... The ones I rented in Oberammargau dont seem right to me. No real spikes underneeth makes them glide when it gets a bit steep.

But it's beautiful up here, in all directions! Clear air and sharp contrasts with the new snow from yesterday. To the south, close to Kanzelwand where we were two years ago.

A bit more to the south east. It could be Groer Widderstein 2533m, far away to the right.
 All material: Copyright Mats Olsson