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Norefjell (Høgevarde), 1459 m 2/11 2017

  Early November and finally a few days free from work. The soul needs life
  energy now. I want to breath mountain air! Dante and me take a one day
  trip to Norefjell, Norway. Here is the large mountain area seen from
  Sigdal, on the way up. 
  There is a payroad from Eggedal up to Tempelseter, where you can park
   the car at 900m+ (60Nkr 2017)

  Soon after start you see Ranten (1419m) ahead.   About half an hour later and higher up. The south side of Ranten is quite

  Dante on his way up. The Gausta peak (1883m) partly in clouds, at the
  horizon in the middle of the picture
  In the beginning the climb is very flat. A little more than one hour after start
  we reach a T-crossing on 1200m+, where you go right for
  It's easy to follow the trail. 

  The final climb for the summit.   Dante has reached a ridge to the west of the summit.

  Hemsedalsfjellen, the mountains around Hemsedal, at the horizon about
 100km to the north.
  The Gausta peak, about 70km to the south west.

  Dante reaching the summit. We needed a little more than 2h to get here.
  In the background to the right are the mountains of Jotunheimen, about
 150km to the north.
  And here's me at the summit cairn. The boot on the stick is an interresting
  artistic statement. Bold, inventive....

  Hallingskarvet, reaching over 1900m, on the horizon. It's about 100km
  to the north west. 
  On the way down again, before sunset.

 All material: Copyright ©Mats Olsson