Via Ferrata up Vesle Røggjin1260m, Hemsedal, Norway 22/6 2017


Dante and  Sören preparing for the climb of the day, at Skardsnuten Hotel in the ski area. We will use climbing equipment on the Via Ferrata. Well, apart from Sören who will use the normal route to the summit. (larger picture)


From the parking place, walk between house 12 and 13 and follow the path for about 5 min. Then go to the right in the crossing marked by a cairn. The left way leads to the summit by the normal route. Even here there are steeper sections, secured by rope. (larger picture)

The start of the via ferrata may look smoothe, but actually it's a bit tricky to find a grip for the feet at first. (larger picture)

Dante climbing the first part. (larger picture)

The end of the first section. There are three climbing sections with easier handling between. (larger picture)

A steep stone field between section one and two. It's easy to find the path again at the top of the stone field. (larger picture)

Me, starting to climb the second section. (larger picture)

Nice view with Hemsedal in the background. (larger picture)

Approaching the  "keypoint" of the climb. A bit tricky as you must lean out, hangin in the wire. At the same time the carabiners must be switched at a bolt. (Större bild)

After a short jam with my carabiners, I pass without to much trouble. (larger picture)

One happy Dante, just before the passage. (larger picture)
Me starting to climb the final section. It's a short distance between section two and three, but enough to get a brake if needed. You can choose just to climb a short bit here, and then walk to the summit. But we choose to climb the whole part, diagonally along the vertical cliff, all the way to the summit. (larger picture)
We don't regret that choice. The final part provides good climbing up a steep cliffwall. (larger picture)
Dante coming up. (larger picture)
Almost at the summit. We need about 1,5 hours to climb the mountain. (larger picture)
This time the summit isn't the most significant, it's the climb leading to it. We get a light rain on the final part, but it doesn't bother us. We have a good grip on the mountain all the way.

The descent is on the other side of the summit. Following the path down is easy, but with some secured parts as I mentioned earlier. 
(larger picture)