Hydalsbergi 1594m, Norway 21/6 2017

This time I get the company of Dante and Sören, travelling to Norway. we park the car at the lake Vavatn, on 1160m altitude, northwest of Hemsedal. (larger picture)


Here is easy walking. After a while we can see the cairn of our first summit. It's the lower western peak of Hydalshjallen. You can see it to the right in this picture. The lovely view down into Hydalen is present all the time. (larger picture)

Reaching Hydalshjallen V 1383m, after about one hour. Hydalsberget 1775m is in the background. (Större bild)

The lake Vavatn to the west. (larger picture)

And here's looking to the east. Our main target Hydalsbergi is the mountain to the right. (larger picture)

But first of all we descend a bit, then climb the main summit of Hydalshjallen 1425m. There's quite a small cairn at the summit. (larger picture)
Looking across the valley towards Hydalsberget, 1775m, from a viewpoint just below the summit of Hydalshjallen. (larger picture)

Our route continues towards Hydalsbergi with a fairly steep descent to 1355m. From there we walk the ridge on the left side of the lake, leading to the high point. It's the flatter area far away to the left. (larger picture)

We do see some ptarmigans up here. But they don't want to be photographed, so we never get close to them. This is the best i get, with a cropped picture. (larger picture)

After a little more than two hours we reach our main target, Hydalsbergi 1594m. There were a lot of stones on the higher parts, but otherwise ok.  (larger picture)

The views are excellent in all directions from the summit. Here is looking to the southeast. (larger picture)