Peak 4130m above Shanti Stupa 
Leh 1/7 2017

After losing two days to rain and a bad stomach, our plans now must be somewhat adjusted. Today the weather, as well as my stomach are better, so we start directly from our pleasant gusthouse Lehling. (larger picture)


First we walk towards Shanti Stupa, but then turn north. The summit is visible in the middle of this picture. (larger picture)

Tisseru Stupa, more than a thousand years old. (larger picture)

There is a side valley to the left, leading up towards the high passes to Phyang. (larger picture)

At 3770m you turn left again, following the path up to a pass. (larger picture)

According to my altimeter the pass is at 3970m. (larger picture)

From here you follow the path to the left, leading to to the summit. (larger picture)

Stok Kangri (6120m) seen from about 4000m altitude. I want to emphasize that this picture is not processed and changed. The colors were this deep and the visibility almost unlimited. (larger picture)

Mountains to the north. (larger picture)

Zooming in the sharp peaks at Zanskar Valley. (larger picture)
At the summit, 4130m. Here is looking down into the valley north of Leh. (larger picture)
And here is Leh.The Indus Valley is seen further behind. (larger picture)
Zooming in the Indus Valley to the east. Parts of Stok Range in the background. (Larger picture)